3 Common Questions About Freediving

What makes freediving unique from scuba?
The art of freediving and scuba have a common point where man enjoys the beauty of aquatic life while maintaining a calm relaxed mood. However, the main goal of freedivers is not only for the enjoyment but for individual timing and record breaking. The freedivers try to hold their breath as long as they are underwater as well as enjoy the beauty of the vast aquatic world. Moreover, many freedivers prefer to be ‘gear-less” since this helps them in interacting more with the underworld. But in cases of unfavourable water temperatures, they use wet suits, fins and mask. Compared to scuba divers, freedivers take less time while having a very intense dive. Finally, the secret of staying breathless under water over a long period of time is to prevent the body from absorbing nitrogen and lung bursting from pressure.
How can I achieve natural freediving?
Like most of the sports that are played, freediving has guidelines too on how it can best be reached. These guidelines come hand in hand with the freediver’s safety rules. The rule of ‘practice makes perfect’ also applies to freediving. Nevertheless, the secret of freediving lies in three secrets. First of all physical fitness is paramount. Physical fitness starts with having a fit body for freediving. Secondly, you need to have good self confidence. The fit body will help you to have a strong dive reflex while self confidence will help you to achieve a strong mind. There are other techniques that can be learnt to improve on freediving. Some example includes; ear equalization, swimming and relaxation techniques, pressure depth and diving techniques etc.
What is a freediving wetsuit?
Although most freedivers try to ignore their wetsuits for comfy reasons and personal interaction with the ocean life, sometimes it’s important to equip them. Unlike the common surfers and scuba wetsuits, freediving wetsuits are designed to be worn all day. Other features that make freediving wetsuits more outstanding are;
• Double piece hence no need for zipping.
• Open cell interior.
• Low density neoprene for comfy.
Moreover, these wetsuits are designed depending on style, material and size. For instance there are smooth skin wetsuits, mesh skin among others. All these are included to suite different needs and tastes of divers.
What is freediving equipment?
Apart from the wetsuit, a freediver also needs other equipment like boots, fins, mask, snorkel, gloves, and freediving computer and immersion weights. The mask is designed to help in balancing the air volume while the fins increase movement as well as reducing energy used. Finally, the major purpose of these gears is to protect the diver from bits, sunlight and cold while increasing relaxation.

Many people have been associating freediving with supernatural abilities. However, this sport does not require anyone to be superhuman to participate. It is more of a self entertainment than a sport since its only the diver that who gets the true feeling. It leads the diver to a whole new life, environment and community different from the ordinary life. It is this newness that aides the diver to attain full self-relaxation condition and calmness.


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